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Elven high a private school for the most prestigious elves and fey

A larp about gender, high school drama, body positivity, comedy and fey.
2.nd Marsh 2024 in Oslo, Norway.


About Elven high

Elven High is a prestigious private high school catering to the affluent and privileged elves and fairies. It is where the most esteemed fairy families entrust their children with a top-tier magical education.


The time has come for the spring celebration, known as the 'Transformation Ball.' This enchanting event marks the final dance for numerous senior students, who stand on the brink of embarking on new journeys in life.


Given its renowned status, Elven High has arranged supplementary lessons for those remaining on campus. Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of students eager to seize the opportunity to expand their knowledge.


However, even amidst the splendor, shadows can loom. Life at Elven High is not always the glamorous spectacle it appears to be. Scholarship students grapple with the pressure to maintain their grades. Real power struggles unfold, complete with scandals, intrigues, gossip, 'cat fights,' and high-class trios who make their presence felt within the school's corridors whenever Elven High lets loose.


Elven High is a larp where you might find yourself portraying a character of the opposite gender. The majority of roles encompass stunningly attractive, gorgeous, and elegant female elves, including elven princesses, or dashing, handsome, and commanding elven males. Some roles might even involve a unique blend of traits. The focus here is not on your real-life appearance; all will be made clear through designated name tags.


Character assignments will be randomly distributed rather than chosen at will.


This larp delves into the realm of high school drama, school life, gender exploration, and the complexities of friendship.

Our Collaborations and Partnerships

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